My philosophy as an arbitrator

anthony daimsisI treat the letter “A” in Alternative Dispute Resolution as originally intended.

Arbitration is intended as an ‘alternative’ to the court. Therefore, as an arbitrator, I assume parties who choose arbitration seek to avoid the bloated, overly procedural, and time-consuming court system.

Consequently, and unless the parties have otherwise agreed in their arbitration agreement, parties should expect hearings with:

  • limited “discovery” and other procedures anathema to arbitration
  • that do not take weeks to conduct
  • sanctions for unethical counsel conduct

As an arbitrator you can trust that I will:

  • deliver timely awards and procedural orders
  • deliver an award capable of recognition and enforcement
  • not include unnecessary steps in the process

If you wish to appoint me, I encourage you to set up an initial 30-minute phone call to confirm that I am right for you, both substantively and philosophically. Naturally, I will not discuss the details of your case, but I will confirm whether I possess the required expertise for your dispute and confirm my availability.

For transparency reasons, I make the notes from this meeting available to all parties and arbitrators.

In order to fulfill my philosophy, I decline more appointment requests than I accept. You can trust, therefore, that if I accept the appointment, you are in good hands and that my availability is accurate.